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 Nostalgic treats for enjoying the natural flavor of ingredients

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Handmade desserts that maximize the natural flavor of ingredients

Tategamori Ark Farm original desserts are nostalgic treats for fully savoring the natural flavor of luxurious ingredients: the farm’s free-range fertile Mukashi Tamago eggs and agricultural chemical-free organic wheat. Mukashi Tamago eggs, laid by hens allowed to freely roam the vast, nature-rich farm, are rich, sweet and free of undue odor. Milk and cream are sourced locally, and the all-important sugar is unbleached granulated beet sugar produced in Hokkaido—a sugar with an authentic, natural sweetness that cannot be replicated by artificial sweeteners.

Our wheat

Although agricultural chemical-free farming does not achieve as high a yield as conventional farming, we are still determined to continue producing and using agricultural chemical-free wheat in the hope that our wheat products, such as bread, pork buns, desserts and noodles, will delight and bring peace of mind to our customers.

Organic JAS-certified agricultural chemical-free wheat
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