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Tategamori Kogen Buta Pork Exquisite harmony of clean-tasting fat and rich-tasting lean

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The pig breed and its taste

Bred from Babcock swine boars, a breed we came across 30 years ago in the U.S., Tategamori Kogen Buta is a breed of swine reared and improved by us in Japan over many years to satisfy the discerning palate of Japanese customers. Our Tategamori Kogen Buta is unique in the world in that it is produced purely in pursuit of the flavor and quality of the meat, unlike many breeds around the world that are targeted toward productivity and efficiency. Although not the best breed in terms of productivity, we continue offering Tategamori Kogen Buta because it is a breed uniquely capable of satisfying our goal of producing and offering reliable, safe and delicious pork. The lean of this breed has very fine muscle fibers, which, when cooked, deliver exceptional tenderness and umami. The fat, on the other hand, is very white in color, and is rich in the kind of umami unique to fat. The meat is also pleasantly firm, and completely devoid of any undue “porky” flavor.

Reared according to our principles

“Produce food you can confidently serve to your own beloved family. Only then can you confidently offer products to customers”—this is our motto, and hence every staff member does his or her utmost to deliver reliable, safe and delicious pork. Tategamori Ark Farm obtained an on-farm HACCP certification in April 2013 ahead of any other local competitor. Compliance with this international standard involves continuous monitoring of all steps of food production and processing as well as rigorous hygiene management for ensuring product safety. We are proud to be making these efforts, which not only contribute to the good taste of our pork but ensure its safety and reliability.

Delivered direct from Ark Farm

Our unique pork, produced from animals carefully bred and raised on our own farm, is delivered to customers via a process undertaken entirely in-house. While ordinary pork distribution involves rearing by a pig farmer, processing by a meat processor, and sale by retailers, Ark Farm pigs are reared on our own farm, processed into pork at our own processing facility, and the meat sold and shipped directly to customers.

Quest for excellent taste

To optimize the good taste of our pork, we also pay great attention to meat processing—that is, selection, slicing and packaging—which takes place at our own processing facility. For example, for best results, loin has to be sliced differently depending on whether it is for shabushabu, tonkatsu or stew. After it is sliced in the best possible way, our pork is delivered in nitrogen gas packaging developed in-house. This type of packaging maintains the quality of the flavor better than vacuum packaging, although the latter is easier and more widely used for direct marketing of food. We hope you enjoy Ark Farm pork, which reflects our care and ingenuity.

Rib roast steak is best cooked after seasoning with nothing more than salt and pepper. Meat close to the bone is particularly delicious.  Our processed meat products such as Ginjo-zuke (pork marinated in ginjo miso) also offer flavor that is a class above.Tategamori Kogen Buta is also made into processed foods such as hams, sausages and pork buns. The buns are made from agricultural chemical-free organic wheat grown on Ark Farm.
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