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Praised in Germany, the home of sausage and ham

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Authentic taste and quality that ranked high in sausage and ham competitions in Germany

“Produce food you can confidently serve to your own beloved family. Only then can you confidently offer products to customers” is the motto that we inherited from our founder, and that we uphold when we produce and market pork, hams and sausages.

We embarked on the production and sale of hams and sausages as complete novices. Initially we made numerous visits to Germany, the home of pork products, where we met someone who would become very special to us.

When we first met him, Jurgen Schmidt was only 17 years old. Two preceding generations of his family had been charcutiers, and he was studying at vocational school to take over the family business. Despite his young age, Jurgen was already equipped with accomplished charcuterie skills, with numerous ham and sausage awards to his name, won at competitions for young charcutiers held in Bavaria and other parts of what was then West Germany.

Greatly impressed by his conscientiousness, accomplished skills, extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for ham and sausage making, we shared with Jurgen our ideas about pig farming and ham and sausage making, and asked him to consider coming to Japan to teach us. Fortunately for us, Jurgen sympathized with what we were trying to achieve, and agreed to come to Japan, a country he had never been to before and where he had no personal acquaintances.

Jurgen stayed in Japan for a whole year and shared his expertise with our staff. Over the subsequent five years, he came back to Japan at least once a year, spending about a month each time doing research and product development. He subsequently went on to university, where he obtained a doctorate in food. More than our dear friend, Jurgen Schmidt remains Tategamori Ark Farm’s most trusted production adviser.

When we first embarked on the production and sale of hams and sausages, mainstream Japanese agriculture employed agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers liberally in pursuit of attractive product appearance and productivity, and Japanese hams and sausages likewise used large amounts of additives as a matter of course. We strongly felt, however, that we wanted to make delicious and safe meat products that were additive-free and able to bring out the best of our proudly produced pork. We saw no point in doing it ourselves if all we were going to do was churn out yet more conventional products.

As public interest in food safety grew, our philosophy found increasing public support, which encouraged us to embark on our additive-free range of food products. Additive-free production demands high standards across all aspects. Achieving this requires determination and effort on the part of staff.

Today we feel assured that our choice was not in error whenever we hear from delighted customers who feel confident about serving our products to their children, or customers who are happily surprised to find that our additive-free products are not only delicious but keep longer than expected. We cordially invite you to try Tategamori Ark Farm hams and sausages, the deliciousness and quality of which are evidenced by their having taken gold, silver and bronze prizes at the German DLG Quality Test for Ham & Sausage and the SUFFA Meat Industry Trade Fair.

Tategamori Ark Farm hams and sausages were awarded gold, silver and bronze prizes by Germany’s DLG and SUFFA.Produced from fresh, high-quality pork at our production facility, where hygiene management is thoroughly implemented.Salt and spices that determine the taste of our hams and sausages are imported from Germany for authenticity of taste.
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