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Delicious eggs laid by healthy chickens reared by traditional, free-range farming

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Mukashi Tamago eggs need both a hen and cock to produce them

Tategamori Ark Farm Mukashi Tamago are fertile eggs laid by chickens allowed to roam freely within the vast, nature-rich farm. Unlike unfertile eggs laid by chickens kept in efficiency-driven battery cages, our eggs are produced when a rooster and hen reared together in an unconfined environment partner with each other.
When roosters make up 5% percent or more of a free-range chicken brood, eggs produced by that brood are classified as “fertile.” This rarely happens under caged conditions.
Tategamori Ark Farm’s free-range hens lay healthy eggs because the presence of roosters, which protect the flock from predators, creates a more relaxing, stress-free environment for the hens.

After searching for the chicken breed best suited to free-range farming, we arrived at Nera, a black chicken breed developed in the Netherlands. Nera chickens have a bright red crest. The hens have pitch black plumage, whereas the cocks have silver and white plumage. Nera chickens are reputed to produce the world’s most beautiful chicken eggs. They are rarely reared on Japanese farms because their large body size makes them unsuitable for caging.

Tategamori Ark Farm pays close attention to its chicken feed. We use non-GMO feed ingredients free of post-harvest preservatives. We also add herbs to the feed to improve the disease resistance of the chickens and reduce the distinctive smell of the eggs. We focus on rearing healthy chickens, which means keeping them completely antibiotic-free.
Tategamori Ark Farm chickens are very healthy because they are fed carefully chosen feed, receive plenty of sunshine, and eat grass, insects and other food from the vast pasture,
obtaining organic minerals from the land.

he taste of eggs as they used to be

Tategamori Ark Farm Mukashi Tamago eggs, laid by our healthy chickens, are free of strong odors and taste rich and sweet—in other words, they taste just like eggs used to in the olden days. The goodness of Mukashi Tamago eggs can be best appreciated when they are eaten simply as tamago kake gohan, or fried eggs.

Mukashi Tamago eggs also look very different from ordinary, battery-cage eggs. The rich yolk inside the thick white is so dense it can be lifted with chopsticks without breaking. Because the eggs are full of vitality, the white and yolk remain firm and well-risen, even one day after cracking.

Tategamori Ark Farm uses manpower to perform all phases of production, from giving feed and water, collecting eggs and other maintenance to final shipment. This ensures that the eggs reach customers in their best possible condition.

Tategamori Ark Farm also offers visitors the chance to experience egg-collecting. The activity is popular among adults and children alike, not least because it teaches them through real-life experience that each egg is a life born into this world with its own warmth, as opposed to a cold object sitting in the fridge. Staff members who look after the chickens day in and day out, and know the character of each bird well, are happy to answer any visitor questions.

- Not all Mukashi Tamago eggs are fertile, though the majority are.
- Occasionally and on a temporary basis, our chickens may be kept indoors, though not caged, in compliance with Livestock Hygiene Service Office guidelines.

 Nera is a breed rated highly for both eggs and meat.  The rich egg yolk wrapped in thick, well-risen egg white is firm enough to be lifted with chopsticks without breaking. Both hens and cocks actively roam the 50,000 m² pasture.
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