Tategamori Ark Farm

About Tategamori Ark Farm

Our Principles

Our Mission

Promote healthy eating through agriculture

Tategamori Ark Farm believes agriculture is a health industry. Our agriculture is aimed at making your table joyful and healthy. We only produce food we can confidently serve to our own beloved family members. This enables us to confidently offer our products to our customers. When we collectively eat well, it affects not just ourselves and our own generation, but supports the life and health of future generations.

Turn agriculture into an industry with bright career prospects for young people

With Tategamori Ark Farm serving as an interface between us and our customers, we assume full responsibility for what we produce. Our innovation and hard work are geared toward upgrading agriculture from mere production to something that can be savored and enjoyed, so that agriculture can become an attractive sector that allows producers and consumers to share moments of excitement and delight, and offers bright career prospects to the younger generation.

Contribute to a greener global environment through agriculture

Agriculture is a green industry. The global environment is no less important than human health. Preservation and conservation of forests and oceans are urgent tasks necessary for leaving a beautiful Earth to future generations. Agriculture, which creates greenery, has maintained Japan’s paddy fields and other crop fields, which in turn have helped preserve this country’s land, composed as it is of largely brittle and erosion-prone granitic soil. Nurturing agriculture itself is one of the important tasks of agriculture as a green industry.

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